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Ethnic and religious composition of Bucharest

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Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral(Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral, https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fi%C8%99ier:Flickr_-_fusion-of-horizons_-_Catedrala_Patriarhal%C4%83_(2).jpg)

The ethnic composition of Bucharest:

The ethnic composition of Bucharest

 Romanian (85.95%)

 Roma (1.27%)

 Unknown (11.68%)

 Other ethnicities (1.1%)

The religious composition of Bucharest:

The religious composition of Bucharest

 Orthodox (84.31%)

 Roman Catholics (1.17%)

 Unknown (11.8%)

 Other religion (2.72%)

According to the census conducted in 2011, Bucharest population amounts to 1,883,425 inhabitants, down from the previous census in 2002, when 1,926,334 people had registered. Most inhabitants are Romanian (85.95%), with a minority of Roma (1.27%). For 11.68% of the population, ethnicity is not known. In terms of religious, most people are Orthodox (84.31%), with a minority of Roman Catholics (1.17%). For 11.8% of the population is not known confessional.

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