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Head and Tail


Heads or Tails is a game based on the coin-tossing rules.

Most coins possess a side where the imprint of an individual, which include a present or former head of state, is impressed – this side is named the “Head” side (considering the fact that the embossing is of the head of someone). The other side might have any imprint, or none, and is known as the “Tail” side.

In 1870 Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable describes heads inside a related way and particulars tails as getting the opposite and apparent reverse to heads. The expression “can’t make head nor tail of it” expresses this notion of opposites.

Normally, 1 particular person throws the coin up within the air, as well as the second particular person need to predict which side in the coin will lay face up soon after it rests back around the ground. A right prediction benefits inside a win. Yet another variation has the individual catch the coin in 1 hand and slap it around the back of their other hand. Traditionally, the second individual calls out “heads” or “tails” although the coin is inside the air.

The Australian game of Two-up is closely associated, and entails traditionally two half-pennies. Coin flipping as a game was recognized for the Romans as “navia aut caput” (ship or head), as some coins had a ship on 1 side plus the head on the emperor around the other.

A connected game, Cross and Pile, was played in England for a lot of centuries. The cross was the key style element on one particular side of numerous coins, and also the Pile was the bottom a part of the die made use of to cast the other side on the coin. Cross and Pile is derived in the Greek pastime named Ostrakinda, played by the boys of ancient Greece. Obtaining procured a shell, they smeared it more than with pitch on one particular side and left the other side white. A boy tossed up this shell, and his antagonist named white or black (Inside the Greek, nux kai hemera, that’s, ‘night or day’) as he believed suitable, and his results was determined by the white or black a part of the shell becoming uppermost.

In Italy this game is known as Testa o croce (“head or cross”). In Germany the game is known as Kopf oder Zahl (“head or number”, since the other side shows the coin’s worth). In Ireland it truly is ordinarily named Heads or Harps, because the obverse side of Irish coins (each Euro and also the former currency, the Irish punt) usually shows a harp. In Brazil, it truly is known as Cara ou Coroa (“face or crown”). On Brazilian coins, one particular with the sides are named Cara(marked having a face); the other side is known as Coroa (crown, or a further symbol). In Mexico it’s known as Aguila o Sol (Eagle or Sun). In Russia it truly is referred to as Орёл или ре́шка (Oryól ili réshka – eagle, or an additional symbol). In Hong Kong, it is actually known as 公定字 (“Head or word”). On Hong Kong coins, the obverse side on the coin is generally words that stated the quantity of the coin. The reverse side, nevertheless, is flower. Though the reverse side is just not a head any longer, Hong Kong citizens nonetheless use that term to contact the game

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