iBooks is an application to acquire digital books in an online store and then read them on screen. iBooks is freely distributed by Apple. Accessible by any writer, it allows to stream content avoiding intermediaries.


iBooks is available for the iPad since the release of that, April 3, 2010 and April 8, Apple introduced the application for iPhone and iPod touch (except the first generations of both devices) with 4.0 update of iOS, which syncs with iTunes; it becomes possible to buy a book on iPhone or iPod Touch and consult on iPad, and vice versa.

The application now allows you to purchase digital books in a similar online store to the Apple Store and read these books in an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or a Mac computer.

Its main competitor is Google Play.

Since 2012, Apple also offers an application to create digital books, iBooks Author.


iBooks is an optional application on iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Since iOS 8, it is installed on the default device. On an earlier version of iOS, it is necessary to download it from the AppStore with an active account.

For computers, it is one of the applications of OS X Mavericks, which is available for free download from October 2013.


To purchase digital books, download books from the public domain (Project Gutenberg), or free samples, just start the application and then buy books online in an open-powered bank payment or credit card account available on iTunes by its number (the books are transferred into a virtual library on the iPad once purchased) and select the book to read.

To rotate a virtual book page, a simple swipe of the finger is enough. The index gives direct access to a page or chapter. One can search by word (we obtain all occurrences) or sentence of section (which leads directly to the desired transition in the book).


The formats read by iBooks are ePub and PDF. Since version 2.0, iBooks also reads books made with iBooks Author (IBA).

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