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Investigation of consumer behavior. Regaining lost customers.


  • Something wrong was happening in their life or business (something that is not related to you) that caused temporary cease to deal with you, but intends to return.
  • Have a problem or unsatisfactory experience with you that you may not have remembered, so they turned away.
  • They can no more benefit in any products or services that you sell because their situation has changed.

In the first two cases you can not do anything, their return to the products or services depend entirely on them.

If a buyer or customer is in the latter case, it is clear that there is a certain degree of respect, kindness and connection from your company. You will better position if you simply contact him and express your sincere concern for his welfare. If he says that he can not use your product or service, ask them to recommend friends, family or associates who can benefit from your business.

This simple action to make contact with clients who have completed work and to require reference made several companies to increase the number of customers by 50% per month. Try to be aware of any changes that occurred in your client or buyer environment. If it’s an improvement, you enjoy for them. Congratulate and celebrate with them. But if it’s about a failure or a decline, manifest empathy. Try to manifest an emotional connection with them. This is the secret of good references.

At the end of the conversation ask them if you can ask them a favor, if it’s time. Tell them that as long as customers or buyers were active, they were kind of clients / customers that you will like them. Tell them openly that you would like to have a hundred other buyers like them, then ask them if they have friends, relatives or neighbors who would like to, would appreciate or could benefit from the same level of your company’s products, services and practices.

Tell them that you will be privileged and honored to accept and serve anyone who they can give as references. This process is definitely a success. Done properly, ie with sincerity and respect, can bring a large number of references.

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