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Kiss of Eternity

Kiss of Eternity, by Adriana Craciun

The first part of the book Kiss of Eternity is a collection of research themes whose purpose is to prove that science and spirituality are not separated, that myths, legends or fairy tales are based on scientific realities.

I started with Romanian folklore and literature, connecting the information I have found to science, namely to alternative/herbal medicine, Physics, Biology or UFO study.

As I am living in the Piatra Craiului Mountain area and I have heard lots of stories about hidden treasures in there, and because Dianthus callizonus is a unique flower in the world I have researched linguistic, literary, and scientific resources related to this plant in order to find that grain of truth that can help us open a door to deeper knowledge or maybe to other dimensions.

The idea of a star gate is not a metaphor. People with esoteric knowledge say that in Piatra Craiului Mountain there might be a portal to a higher dimension. I have written more results of my research related to Piatra Craiului in the third volume.

I have found that Dacians, druids, shamans and Indians have many common aspects and gods are symbols of energies that we cannot understand for now.

The Bible is the source of the Truth, but I have found some contradictory aspects in it so I have continued my research and I am unpleasantly surprised at what I have discovered.

My surprise is the existence of cosmic entities able to control the world, to control masses, destinies, but LOVE could be a chance for us. A chance to change ourselves and to change the world, to make it better, warmer, like a kiss…of eternity…

Thus, I have developed the concepts of twin flames and sacred sexuality as a possibility for humans to be closer to their divine Source.


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