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MultiMedia SRL, selected as a nominee for “European Quality Award”

Montreux Switzerland

The Socrates Committee has selected MultiMedia SRL, Romania, as a nominee for the prestigious international award in the quality and management sphere. The “European Quality Award” recognizes high quality of the company’s production and services, and outlines its competitive advantages to help raise its competitive capacity on European and world markets. The European Quality award is given to prominent regional companies, which successfully satisfy their customers. MultiMedia SRL has been chosen as one of the best regional representatives as its quality of goods and services, technologies, staff and modern management methods all meet the marking criteria for the European Quality award.

European Quality winners get national prestige and confirmation of goods/services excellence in the European markets.

The European Quality awards will be presented in Montreux, Switzerland during the Summit ‘Excellence in Quality’ (30 June ‐2 July 2015). Attendees will include prominent regional producers, top‐level businessmen and international quality experts.

The session will be chaired by Michael Derrer, Director General of Ascent Swiss Business Management AG (Switzerland) and Director of the Swiss Institute for Quality Standards (SIOS). The Session will be devoted to discussing effective quality tools and how SIQS can help to promote your goods and services.

MultiMedia SRL was officially notified about this nomination by European Business Assembly, UK.

About MultiMedia SRL

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As online businesses are in constant development by interacting with customers, companies are forced to adapt to an increasingly interactive marketplace, through increased focus on websites and internet marketing, to increase revenues and promote their products and brands. To count online, it is important to seek the services of a professional.

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