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Poker jargon – M

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In no-limit or pot limit games the ratio of stack to the blinds and/or antes. For example 8-way in a no limit game hold’em game with blinds of $50/$100 and an ante of $10 a stack of $23,000 has an M-ratio of 100. To further clarify, M = $23,000 / [$100 + $50 + ($10 * 8)] = 100.
A loose and aggressive player. A player who bets constantly and plays many inferior hands.
match the pot
To put in an amount equal to all the chips in the pot.
A deal which is ruined for some reason and must be redealt.
move in
In a no-limit game, to “move in” or to “go all in” means to bet one’s entire stake on the hand in play.
  1. To fold.
  2. To discard one’s hand without revealing the cards. Often done after winning without a showdown or at a showdown when a better hand has already been revealed.
  3. The discard pile.

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