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Public perception of the advertising medium

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Billboard in Lund Billboard in Lund, Sweden, saying “One Night Stand?” (2005)

Over the years, the public perception of advertising has become very negative. It is seen as a medium that inherently promotes a lie, based on the purpose of the advertisement – to encourage the target audience to submit to a cause or a belief, and act on it to the advertising party’s benefit and consequently the target’s disadvantage. They are either perceived as directly lying (stating opinions or untruths directly as facts), lying by omission (usually of terms unfavorable to the customer), portraying a product or service in a light that does not reflect reality or even making up realities where their product has a new role. Yet as with many other things in life, the vast majority of the public do not care enough to act. One can either choose to listen to the many campaigns or to ignore them.

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