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Summit of Leaders 2019 (Oxford UK) & official ‘Best Enterprises/Manager of the Year’ Project

MultiMedia SRL

Dear Nicolae Sfetcu,

Re: Summit of Leaders 2019 (Oxford UK) & official ‘Best Enterprises/Manager of the Year’ Project

On December 17, the traditional Summit of Leaders and the Socrates Awards Ceremony will be held at the Oxford Town Hall.

The ceremony is a significant social event for business and creative circles around the world since 2000. The event will be host to high calibre businessmen, politicians, members of state, senior educators and entrepreneurs. The International Socrates Ceremony is a celebration of the most prestigious individuals and is a truly memorable event, embodying the best of British tradition.

MultiMedia is known internationally for the high quality of its goods and services it provides and has been evaluated by Socrates Nomination Committee. The Committee has recommended company for the ‘Best Enterprise Award’ due to your strong position on the international market, your desire to continue international expansion and the welfare of your workers as well as the high quality of goods and

customer satisfaction. Company has met all of the required criteria for the ‘Best Enterprise’ award and the CEO is also eligible for the ‘Manager of the Year’ medal.

We will be glad to see you, Nicolae Sfetcu among the participants of the Summit and the award ceremony. The events will be broadcast live on the official channels of the summit to spectators from 54 countries. You will be able to speak at one of the summit sections, present your achievements and know‐how, as well as innovative capabilities of your company.

  • As a laureate of the prestigious international award, you will follow the red carpet of the main conference room of the Oxford Town Hall as a participant of a unique photo shoot for the prestigious British publication ‘Outstanding personalities of modern times’ (will be published in April 2020).
  • You can become the hero of the publication in this book and in the personal issue of the online newspaper ‘The Leaders Times’.
  • Participants in the summit and ceremony will also be invited to the establishment of the elite Whiskey Club EBA, aimed to join the regional business elite, informal communication with potential partners and familiarity with centuries‐old customs associated with this legendary

You will also find many other surprises in the framework of the EBA luxury program and a walk around Oxford, which is especially beautiful on the Christmas Eve. Please contact me for further information on the awards and to arrange registration before October, 17.


Yours sincerely

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