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Take care of a new Facebook Messenger malware

Facebook Messenger

In accordance with CheckPoint, the ransomware visrus is also present on LinkedIn.

Usually, the computer is infected by a download of a .svg image that redirect to a video requiering tu install a pseudo-extension needed to rule the video.

A ransomware, or ransom software, is a malicious software that takes hostage of personal data. The application encodes the personal data and then the person that control the app asks their owner to send money in exchange for the key that will allow them to decoder. A ransomware can also block any user’s access to a machine until a wrench or debunking tool is sent to the victim in exchange for a sum of money.

In October, about 5% od the cyber attacks are due to this malware. But the most spread virus on Facebook on October was Ecko, when the user received received by messenger a video with their names. If you clicked the video image, you was redirected to a fake YouTube page asking you to install an extension in order to view the video.

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