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Telework history

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Telework is a concept for work organization that allows to perform an activity outside the premises of the employer or client through information technology and communication (Internet, mobile phones, fax, etc.). Telecommuting can be done from home, a telecenter, or nomadic way (different workplaces according to the activity to be carried). The “nomadic telework ” was encouraged by economic globalization.

While the global economy grew, same for the personal computer. so it became useful for a business relocation tools and / or outsourcing work to reduce costs and increase “mobility labor” as a new practice management and coordination.

In the 2000s, it was primarily concentrated in certain sectors, and its legitimacy, its advantages and disadvantages remained controversial.

Part of telework is now practiced informally and the number of hours spent with teleworking is unclear, but L Taskin already spoke in 2005 of a “silent wave”.

However, working from home may still be frowned upon in some professional circles, and therefore rarely practiced. For example, in software development, working from home is fairly rare (unlike trips missions and remote working are very common), while this is a profession where remote working is easier to establish.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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