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Texas Hold ’em poker rules (2) – Hole cards and the first round of betting

Pair_of_AcesEach player gets dealt at the beginning two “hidden” cards (Hole Cards). The player to the left of the big blind has the right to bet first, and thus began the first round. It has three options:

  • to pay the amount of the big blind (call)
  • increase the bet (raise)
  • to give up (fold)

The same goes for the other players.

A player can not increase second time the bet in a betting round, except when another player raise. For example when a player starts the round with a bet or a raise and all the other players pay the raise or fold, then the round is over, and the player can no longer increases stake.

Limitation of bets

Texas Hold ’em has 3 variants of limiting bets:

  • Without limitation (No Limit): There is only a minimum bet. If this option is adopted size of the minimum bet is equal to the size of the previous bet increase (for example: the size of the big blind, or if the bet was not increased, the size of the previous one). Maximum bet a player can do is limited only by its capital.
  • Pot limit: The maximum bet can not exceed the amount already pledged by all the players together.
  • Split limit (or Fixed limit): In the first two rounds of betting, its size can not exceed the so-called lower limit. If the small blind is $5 and large – $10, then the lower limit is $10 and high – $20 in each round of betting, the bet can be increased up to three times, ie if a player starts with a bet, which was increased by another player (Raise) and third (Reraise), bet ends with a final rise (Cap). If there are only two players at the table, another round of betting may continue until one of the players of the other bets pay (Call) or quit (Fold).

In No Limit and Pot Limit there is no limit to the number of increasing bets per round.

In casinos generally do not play with cash, but with special poker chips.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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