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Texas Hold ’em poker rules (4) – Finalizing the game

Finalizing the gameShowdown

After the fifth round of betting, each player shows his combination of five cards of the two cards in their hands with five cards open on the table (Showdown). Sixth and seventh cards are irrelevant in determining the winner. A player who:

  • in the final round last increased (raise) the pledge or
  • if no increased bets that first placed a bet (bet), or
  • if no one has bet, the one who is in the first position,

must show its full combination.

All other players can one after another to show their cards.

If a player wants to play with the five cards on the table must communicate this in advance, lest others think that it was withdrawing from the game, put the cards on the side.

The player whose combination is the highest hand wins, and then all bets. In the event that two players have the same effect combinations, bets will be split between the two.

Naturally distribution can be won in an earlier stage, when all players but one fold.

Burn Cards

Before the dealer to put the first 3 cards (Flop Cards), respectively, the fourth (Turn Card) and fifth (River Card), on the table, put one hole cards away (ie. Burn Card).

The meaning of this is that no one play it, because the dealer is possible to recognize the card and thus has an advantage over other players.

Gambling money

For a player to participate in the game before you sit down to have a primary feature capital.

Gaming capital of a player must be placed before him on the table and visible to others. The player is not allowed to hide chips before coming to the table.

A player can buy new chips only between two games.

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