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Texas Hold ’em poker rules (1)

Standard Hold 'em table
Standard Hold ’em table dealer, small and big blind

Hold ’em uses five open cards placed on the table named community cards, that can be used by each player along with those in his hand, to complete its respective combination .

In casinos, besides Texas Hold ’em, Omaha is offered as another version of Hold’ em. Quite often called briefly Hold ’em, it can easily be mistaken for Omaha.

Texas Hold ’em is played with a deck of 52 cards. The game can be played by two to eleven players. Poker cards are a little wider than normal cards Bridge.

Because the game can be played with a deck of 52 cards, theoretically can play 23 players. But Texas Hold ’em is normally played by small groups – usually 9 people.

The dealer

Before the first round and the cards are shuffled by the dealer split, each player gets a face card. The player who has the highest card gets the token “Dealer” and is considered a dealer. If two or more players have the same card, is dealt another card of the player, the one with the highest being a dealer.

In Texas Hold ’em, as with all variants of poker, the color of the cards does not matter for the outcome of the hand.

The role of the dealer is changing clockwise. In casinos this change is fictitious. There croupier gives token “dealer” to the next player.


The player to the left of the “dealer” is called. sb (Small Blind). He must set a predetermined amount (eg $5). His neighbor is the big blind (Big Blind). He must bet amount 2 times greater than that of the small blind ($10). Another possibility is that each player on the table to pay a certain amount (Ante), in order to participate in the distribution. In Hold ’em games is customary to play with blinds.

The player who was the small blind is receiving the first card dealt.

Special rules for Heads-up

When there are only two players at the table (Heads-up), as in the World Series of Poker, the small blind is the player who “dealt” cards, and the other is the big blind. The logical extension is changed to is not always the same player in all four betting rounds in one hand.

These rules are important only poker tournaments because in cash games rarely play only two players.

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