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Texas Hold ’em poker rules (3) – Flop, Turn, River

Royal_straight_flushFlop and the second round of betting

After the first betting round, the dealer puts three cards open on the table (Flop), followed by the second round. The player in the first position or the one to the left of the “dealer”, ie small blind and act first in this and all subsequent rounds.

From the first round, a player may not bet (Check) and wait.

A bet of a player after such a prospect ca include one of the three:

  • to pay all bets at (Call)
  • increase the bet (Raise)
  • to give up (Fold)

If several players have bet, the round will continue until:

  • all players pay (hand continues with the third round)
  • everyone folds (the hand wins the last remaining player)

Turn Card and third betting round

Before the fourth round is put the fourth open card (Turn Card) in the middle. If you play with Split Limit henceforth higher limit applies.

River Card and final betting round

Now it is put the fifth open card (River Card) on the table, and the final round of betting is starting.

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