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The Star of Bethlehem

The “Star of Bethlehem” or “Christmas Star” is the sign that, according to the Gospel, announced to the Oriental Magi the birth of Jesus.

The Christian tradition

The star guiding the Magi (The star guiding the Magi, mosaic of Ravenna, beginning of the 6th century, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Three_Magi_mosaic_-_Sant’Apollinare_Nuovo_-_Ravenna_2016.jpg)

A “star” in the Gospel and the Christian tradition reveals the birth of Jesus to the Magi and served as a guide to lead them to Bethlehem.

The star appears in the narrative of the Nativity of the Gospel according to Matthew, where wise men from “the east” are guided by the star to Jerusalem. There they met King Herod of Judea, and asked where the “king of the Jews” was born. Herod, after a verse from the Book of Micah interpreted as a prophecy, directs them to Bethlehem, a neighboring village. The star leads the Three Wise Men into the stable of an inn in which Mary has given birth to Jesus, where they pay her homage and give her gifts.

Christmas star(Traditional decorative Christmas star representation.)

In remembrance of this star, Christmas cribs and Christmas trees are often decorated with a star.

The proofs put forward by the astronomer Kepler

In 1614, the German astronomer Kepler published works which established that in March, October and December of the year 7 BC, the planets Jupiter and Saturn were aligned in the constellation of Pisces: this phenomenon, visible to the naked eye, was nevertheless only for wise minds; that is why Herod questions the Magi on this subject, because they are astronomers.

Colin Nicholl’s research

Based on the latest developments in astrology, he came to the conclusion that it was in fact a great incandescent comet passed a few years before year 1 near the Earth.

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