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Tourism in Mehedinti County, Romania

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Places of twinning of the Carpathians with the Balkans, where the last arch of our great spectacular mountain range meets the Danube at the Iron Gates, host one of the most picturesque regions of Romania, Mehedinti.
 On a physical map of Europe it can be easily seen that Mehedinti is on the bottom of the the deep golf of the Romanian Plain, caught between the heights of the Carpathians in the north, and the Balkans to the south, with the ax during ancient Ister.
 Here, at the west end of the old Romanian Country, but the heart of a vast ethnographic areas that gather around the huge mountainous knot of Ţarcului, Godeanului and Retezatului the major Romanian areas of Hunedoara, Banat, Timoc and Oltenia, was preserved and developed a popular culture whose origin has thousands of years.
 (Film performed by Mehedinti County Council within a project funded by the European Union.)

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