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US slot machine ownership regulations

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Here is a list of potential restrictions and regulations on private ownership of slot machines in the United States on a state by state basis. Note that these regulations are subject to change without notice and are not fully guaranteed to be completely accurate.

State Age of Machine Legal Status
Alabama Any Class II LEGAL
Alaska Any machine LEGAL
Arizona Any machine LEGAL
Arkansas Any machine LEGAL
California 25 years or older
Colorado Pre-1984
Connecticut Any Machine PROHIBITED
Delaware 25 years or older
District of Columbia Pre-1952
Florida 25 years or older
Georgia Pre-1950
Hawaii Any machine PROHIBITED
Idaho Pre-1950
Illinois 25 years or older
Indiana Any machine PROHIBITED
Iowa 25 years or older
Kansas Pre-1950
Kentucky Any machine LEGAL
Louisiana 25 years or older
Maine Any machine LEGAL
Maryland Any machine LEGAL
Massachusetts 30 years or older
Michigan 25 years or older
Minnesota Any machine LEGAL
Mississippi 25 years or older
Missouri 30 years or older
Montana 25 years or older
Nebraska Any machine PROHIBITED
New Hampshire 25 years or older
New Jersey Pre-1941
New Mexico 25 years or older
New York Pre-1941
Nevada Any machine LEGAL
North Carolina 25 years or older
North Dakota 25 years or older
Ohio Any machine LEGAL
Oklahoma 25 years or older
Oregon 25 years or older
Pennsylvania Pre-1950
Rhode Island Any machine LEGAL
South Carolina Any machine PROHIBITED
South Dakota Pre-1941
Tennessee Any machine PROHIBITED
Texas Any machine LEGAL
Utah Any machine LEGAL
Vermont Pre-1954
Virginia Any machine LEGAL
Washington 25 years or older
West Virginia Any machine LEGAL
Wisconsin 25 years or older
Wyoming 25 years or older



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