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Vestiges in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinti County, Romania

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Schela Cladovei – Archeologicai site

Favourable conditions such as climate, soil, vegetation or food turned our town into the cradle of the oldest settlement known in Europe.

Situated on the Danube, the 9,000 year old western residential district of the town, known as Schela Cladovei, has been under the investigation of archeologists for the last 36 years.

The Schela Cladovei Man (original and reconstruction)

It was here that the first dwellings of Europe were built, the first inhabitants were buried, the first vegetables were raised and the first surgical operations were performed. The first works of art were also created here.

This region allows us to to get informed about the outcome of the first war events. This was the first settlement to be destroyed as a result of an armed conflict. The Schela Cladovei culture – as it was called by historians – is dated around 7,200 B.C.

Numerous other settlements superposed upon this one led to a flourishing Dacian settlement which was born under the precincts of the present town. The settlement got the name DRUBETA – which in the language of the Dacians meant ,,the settlement in the cleavage area” – is known to us from later Roman sources.

Bronz-made Chalice found at Portile de Fier (the Iron Gates)

Artistic achievements found on site at Schela Cladovei

Tile fragments found at Drubeta

The conquering Romans gave the name Drobeta to the new town they had settled, taking over the name of the ancient settlement they had conquered.

As for the Dacians, they were not only valiant fighters but also renowned precious metal craftsmen.

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