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Web address – URL


Generally, the transfer begins with a request that the client makes to the server as a result of a user action such as entering an address or clicking on a link. The addresses are also denominated as URL, acronym for Universal Resource Locator. These specify the protocol to be used, the server and TCP port, indicating the information that you want to search.

An example of a URL, a page that provides information about Information technology, is https://www.telework.ro/information-technology/, it with the following information:

  • http:// – protocol used to transfer information. In this case it is HTTP but, as we shall see below, it may be https://, ftp://, irc :/ / etc. Protocol specification is required in order to establish a common language between computers. If this mechanism should be applied to mobile ie, they would form Romanian :/ / 0745526896 for a conversation that is expected to be in Romanian, respectively English:/ / 0745526896 or fax :/ / 0745526896 for other “protocols”.
  • wp.telework.ro – name of the server to which the connection must be made
  • /information-technology/ – the path of the resource you wish to access.

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