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What is content marketing?

content marketing

Content marketing is a technique which is oriented towards the creation of web content that is available in various formats and on different platforms. The content is devised with the specific objective of benefitting users and, in turn, ultimately attracting these same users back to the main source of the content.

The big advantage offered by content marketing is that it benefits from the typical consumer rejection associated with conventional web advertising. Instead of employing conventional advertising methods, content marketing can offer content which – despite being developed by a certain brand – does not simply look to advertise products and/or services, but is instead useful and of value to consumers.

This difference to traditional advertising methods means that content marketing has a wider reach. Not only does it facilitate a trust-based sales process; it also generates client loyalty and can lead to the creation of viral content that can make a brand and its website more visible to the public.

Keeping all of this in mind, the use of content marketing does present certain advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages of the use of content marketing


  • The user does not regard the advertisements as aggressive.
  • It can be used to demonstrate the knowledge possessed by the business and its professionals.
  • The content created has a better chance of ‘going viral’ than traditional advertising.
  • There are increased numbers of visits to the website with the content on it and customer loyalty is generated.


  • Dedication is required in order to offer new and original content.
  • Specific tools and channels must be used to manage the content.
  • Various social media platforms must be used in order to distribute the information created and to maximise its impact.
  • Results are evident in the medium and long term. Results are seen in the medium and long term.

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