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World Poker Tour

World Poker TourWorld Poker Tour (WPT) is a series of poker tournaments.

World Poker Tour is part of the company WPT Enterprises, Inc. which was founded by Steve Lipscomb. The first season to be broadcasted in the US is that of 2003. This tournament knows an increasingly media success.

Tournaments are held mostly in the United States. Over the seasons, the World Poker Tour has proposed increasing stages worldwide.

Everyone can participate in these tournaments, by directly paying the entrance fee (buy-in) of between 3,300 USD and 100,000 USD, or by qualifying through a satellite in casinos or online poker sites, that is to say, a qualifying tournament with a smaller buy-in.

  1. Gavin

    Are you saying you can qualify to play online? How does the clamp-down on online poker affect this? Couldn’t it be argued it robs many people of a chance to qualify for the World Poker Tour?

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