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Yahoo e-mail accounts have been compromised

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo warns all users of its e-mail service to change their password due to vulnerabilities in software that allowed unauthorized access by hackers.

To protect its customers’ accounts, Yahoo deleted the passwords, forcing users to change their password after getting a link for that purpose.

Yahoo warns that there are automated programs already used by attackers exploiting these vulnerabilities. Therefore, when Yahoo asks you to change your password, you should choose a strong, considering the following criteria:

  • password must contain at least one special character such as @ # $% ^ &
  • password must consist of at least 8 characters
  • password should not contain any common word, such as 123 , password , your birth date, your name, or any existing word
  • password should contain both uppercase and lowercase.

In addition, Yahoo will be implementing a new system of account verification via a code sent via SMS to the user’s mobile phone. Also, the user will be forced to change the password at regular intervals.

Yahoo Mail is an email service with free Internet access provided by the company released in 1997 and, according to comScore, the third largest of its kind service that had over 281 million registered users in December 2011.

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