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Comparison of machine translation applications


A machine translation application is a program which can translate text or speech from one natural language to another. Machine translation applications are essential to the modern language industry. Please see the individual products’ articles for further information.

General information

Basic general information for popular Machine translation applications.

Name Platform License Price
Asia OnlineLanguage Studio Windows, Linux, Web Commercial Depends on configuration.
Apertium Unix compatible
Precompiled packages available for Debian
GPL Free
Matxin Unix compatible GPL Free
WorldLingo Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware Free
OpenLogos Windows, Linux GPL or Paidinitiative taker Free or not
Moses (machine translation) Cross-platform LGPL Free
Google Translate Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware Free
Bing Translator Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware Free
SYSTRAN Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware Free
GramTrans Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware Free
Promt Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware Free
SDL International Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware/Human translation Free Automatic Translation / Human Translation 0.20$ per word
Babylon Windows, Mac Paid Depend on license (from 34$ to 89$ for one license)
Web Lite SWeTE Cross-platform
(Web application)
Free Version Free Automatic Translation / Human Translations also available
MetaMorpho Cross-platform
(Web application)
Freeware Free
IdiomaX Windows, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile Paid Depends on configuration
Name Latest stable release Source availability Notes
Asia OnlineLanguage Studio 2.1 No Language Studio is a server platform for mass scale translation designed as well as a set of desktop tools to aid in translation.
Apertium 3.1.1 Yes Rule-based, shallow transfer; all programs and language data are free and open source
Matxin 1.3.0 Yes Rule-based, deep transfer; programs and some language data are free and open source
WorldLingo ? No Uses both Rules based and Statistics based TEs
OpenLogos 1.0.3 Yes rule-based, deep transfer
Moses (machine translation) 2008-07-11 Yes Drop-in replacement for Pharaoh, features factored translation models and decoding of confusion networks.
Google Translate Beta No Statistical
Bing Translator Final No Microsoft’s linguistically informed statistical MT system
SYSTRAN ? No Rule-based
GramTrans ? No Rule-based, using Constraint Grammar
Promt 9.0 No Rule-based
SDL International ? No
Babylon 7.5.2 No
Web Lite SWeTE 1.0 No
MetaMorpho ? No
IdiomaX 6.0 No Rule-based


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