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Cookie problems in Web Analytics

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Web Analytics

Two attributes characterize a cookie in terms of Web Analytics: its domain and its expiration date. It is often the cookie expiration date that determines the uniqueness of a visitor.

If the domain is the same as that of the site that is viewed, it is called first-party cookie. However, if the field is different from the site visited, we talk about third-party cookie. Most third-party cookies are generated by advertising to advertisers sites or Internet audience targeting.

Third-party cookies are often the target of tools or anti-spyware or anti-advertising filters that block the creation of cookies. Besides, the various mechanisms erase cookies, so the figures for unique visitors can be reduced from 5% to 40%. This large difference is an estimate because it is extremely difficult to accurately assess the blocking rate and/or deletion of cookies.

In general, the original cookies are less prone to blocking because are considered less intrusive than third-party cookies but they are still susceptible to erasure.

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