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Example of successful buzz marketing: Twingo 2 launch operation in France

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14 years after the launch of the brand’s small city car, Renault is renewing its model and wishes to mark this launch as it should. The first version of the car marked its time with its concept and positioning, the Twingo 2, must follow its line and open up to two new types of audiences:

  • women over 35,
  • men under 30 years old.

Two very distinct targets that must be seduced by a unique communication campaign.

Renault Twingo II.
Credit: M 93, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Renault_Twingo_(II,_Facelift)_%E2%80%93_Frontansicht,_21._Juli_2012,_Heiligenhaus.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE license

(Renault Twingo II)

The Twingo affair was born from this observation: to offer a saga where everyone can find themselves in the characters of this story.

The Twingo affair is based around an investigation to find the stolen Twingo from the egerie of history: Laetitia Casta. The 6 suspects each have their own personality in which future clients can find themselves: from the 30-year-old executive to the single working girl, including the family mother of 2 children, a largely representative panel of the target of the city-dweller.

The twingo case is a long-term operation. After a widely publicized announcement of the disappearance of Laetitia Casta’s vehicle, the hunt for clues is open on the operation’s website. The launch of this campaign is multi-channel with, on the one hand, the website and all the information to carry out the survey and, on the other hand, a large relay in the media: radio, television, cinema, press. , internet advertising and blogs. Many channels are mobilized to inform and buzz about the affair.

To manage this police investigation, a web platform has been set up. Each of the publicity relays invites you to visit the operation platform.

The site of the Twingo affair is specially set up for the operation. We will find the clues there to move the investigation forward. These clues are all linked to the vehicle by presenting the novelties of the Twingo 2. To accompany this investigation, a video saga is proposed with 7 clips in total unveiled during the investigation.

Several games are available during this campaign. The thief’s search is, of course, the main activity of the site, but quizzes and scratch cards are also available to win, a Twingo 2, iPod video and MP3 players: enough to make you want to register. Participation in the various games involves registration and the collection of information on the players’ vehicles, data which can subsequently be used by the brand’s commercial network.

In addition to this survey and these games, bonuses are also available online with campaign posters, photos and wallpapers of the new Twingo. The making of and the blunderbuss of the shootings with Laetitia Casta and her 6 suspects complete the device.

The site of the Twingo affair is not limited only to a game for the Internet user, but also to a fun video adventure in which we get caught up in the game.

To support this launch, the Renault network has also mobilized with presentations of the new small city car in cities.

The web community is not left out. A major European communication operation is launched among bloggers. No less than twenty bloggers from France, England, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Switzerland were invited to try out the new Twingo in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which is where the new Twingo is made.

For one day, bloggers from Europe had the new Twingo and discovered the roads in Slovenia.

The Twingo case is a successful campaign. This campaign met many criteria for an effective buzz:

  • Teasing: the theft of Laetitia Casta’s car
  • Coverage: pluri media
  • The concept: an investigation orchestrated around a video story
  • The reward: Twingo 2, Ipod Video, MP3 player
  • Virality: the humor of the videos, the 2nd degree, originality of the concept, the prizes
  • Opinion relays: operation in Slovenia with bloggers

Source: 7 stratégies e-marketing illustrées, within the framework of the Etoile Project, a European INTERREG 3A project financing with the support of the ERDF. License CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 FR. Independent translation and adaptation by Nicolae Sfetcu

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