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How does content marketing work

If you are to ensure that content marketing works effectively in order to advertise your website and attract clients, you must work through a series of steps as outlined below:

Content marketing

The following table explains these steps in further detail:

The stages of content marketing

  1. Define a strategy
    • The first step you must take is to create a strategy that enables you to define the kind of content most suited to your business and the channels through which you can access your target groups. These are the channels through which the content is distributed in order to attract visitors to the material first of all, and then to your website.
  2. Create contents
    • Once you have defined a strategy, the next step is to organise a content creation calendar, which will help you to plan and produce material within marked time frames. This will help you to continually feed information into the different channels you have established.
  3. Distribute contents
    • Once you have defined the relevant channels, thought about the types of content you will use in your strategy and planned a time line to help you carry out these steps, it will be time to distribute this material online. This phase will very much depend on your ability to effectively manage the various communication channels you will be using. Take a look at the tutorial “How are the communication channels with the clients changing?8” in order to familiarize yourself with the different options that are available to you.
  4. Analyse the results
    • Finally, in order to determine if your content marketing strategy is achieving the desired objectives and attracting visitors to your website, think about how you are going to measure the results. You can use tools such as Google Analytics9 in order to identify sources of traffic, determine which contents are generating the most visits to your website and detect which channels users are using to reach your website.

While defining your content marketing strategy, you must be sure to remember that the content you ultimately use makes your product and/or service stand out from others.

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