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Quality Score for keywords will depend on landing page load

A new step for a better Google AdWords: the timing of landing page load time will be included as a factor in Quality Score.

Inside AdWords blog posted an article about an additional factor incorporated into Quality Score, the time it takes for a user to see the landing page after clicking an ad (to download the HTML content of the landing page). In the future, the load time of images, flash, video, JavaScript, and other components will be considered as well.

The load time evaluations will be displayed on the Keyword Analysis page, allowing the evaluation and understanding of this information.

Starting with the middle of June, the landing page load time will be incorporated into the Quality Score.

There are still some specific situation to be take into consideration. Like, for ex., the web sites designed for broadband. And, what about some Google html codes incorporated in the web sites, like Google Analytics and Google AdSense ads, that it seems that have an important contribution in slowing the landing page?

Anyway, we have to pay much more attention in optimizing the web pages from now on, and this is a very good news for the visitors.

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