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Popup generators

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Popup generator is a term most often used to describe a web advertising software application. Popup generators are programs that create or generate Internet web-based advertisements also called popup ads. There are many types of popup ads, but there are two major categories:
1. Web browser popup ads based on a new browser window.
2. Web browser popup ads based on a JavaScript generated DHTML code that creates a pseudo-window inside the browser window.


In the early stage of popup ads on the Internet, it was noticed by advertisers that popup advertisements draw more attention from visitors than any other type of advertisement would do, like banner ads, movie commercials, animated GIF images, audio commercials, textual ads, etc. In this same early stage, popup ads obtained a bad name because of hacker programmers who exploited browser bugs and holes. These programmers used to illegally install on the users’ computers small pieces of software that would generate popup ads without using the Internet or the web browser. These were atypical popup windows that where not of the two standard sorts as defined in the beginning. Happily, with the time passed, browser vendors managed to fix the security holes and made their browsers stable enough not to let abuse practices for illegal advertising. Nowadays, almost all popup ads seen are legal, which means they are part of the web content and are generated with legal and documented web technologies.

Are Popup Ads Annoying?

Certainly, sometimes popup ads are annoying, just as any other advertisement may be. But classifying popup ads as annoying in general would be rather subjective assumption, close to classifying TV commercials as being annoying, because they interrupt the movies in the most interesting part. There are people that love commercials, especially if the latter are aesthetic and created with artistic taste.

Being still one of the most efficient web advertising technologies, popup ads and popup generator applications experience constant development and improvement. Some of the latest developers find ways of making popup generators that create pleasant popup ads instead of annoying ones. These generators create the so-called Hover Ads. The major technology used to produce these ads is JavaScript along with other new web techniques. These popups represent normal web browser content also called DHTML content and avoid opening new browser windows. Modern popup generators utilize likable visual effects, which tends to stabilize the effectiveness of this sort of Internet advertising.

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