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How to play golf

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1=teeing ground, 2=water hazard, 3=rough, 4=out of bounds, 5=sand bunker, 6=water hazard, 7=fairway, 8=putting green, 9=flagstick, 10=hole

Just about every game of golf is based on playing a variety of holes within a offered order. A round usually consists of 18 holes that are played inside the order determined by the course layout. On a nine-hole course, a common round consists of two successive nine-hole rounds. A hole of golf consists of hitting a ball from a tee on the teeing ground (a marked location designated for the primary shot of a hole), and, once the ball comes to rest, striking it again, and repeating this approach until the ball at last comes to rest within the cup. Once the ball is on the green (an spot of finely reduce grass) the ball is generally putted (hit along the ground) in to the hole. The aim of holing the ball in as few strokes as you possibly can could be impeded by various hazards, for example bunkers and water hazards.

Players walk (or in some countries, usually drive in motorized electric carts) over the course, either singly or in groups of two, 3, or 4, occasionally accompanied by caddies who carry and handle the players’ equipment and give them tips. Each player plays a ball from the tee for the hole, except that in the mode of play named foursomes, two teams of two players compete, and also the members of each and every group alternate shots employing only one particular ball, till the ball is holed out. When all individual players or teams have brought a ball into play, the player or team whose ball will be the farthest from the hole is subsequent to play. In some team events, a player whose ball is farther from the hole may perhaps ask his partner to play initially. When all players of a group have completed the hole, the player or team together with the most effective score on that hole has the honor, that is certainly, the right to play very first on the next tee.

Every player acts as marker for one particular other player inside the group, that is definitely, he or she records the score on a score card. In stroke play (see below), the score consists from the quantity of strokes played plus any penalty strokes incurred. Penalty strokes usually are not in fact strokes but penalty points which are added towards the score for violations of rules or for producing use of relief procedures in specified conditions.


In just about every form of play, the goal would be to play as few shots per round as possible. Scores for every hole is often described as follows:

The two standard forms of playing golf are match play and stroke play.

  • In match play, two players (or two teams) play just about every hole as a separate contest against each other. The celebration together with the lower score wins that hole, or when the scores of both players or teams are equal the hole is “halved” (drawn). The game is won by the party that wins more holes than the other. Inside the situation that 1 group or player has taken a lead that cannot be overcome inside the number of holes remaining to be played, the match is deemed to be won by the celebration inside the lead, and the remainder of the holes usually are not played. For instance, if one celebration currently has a lead of six holes, and only five holes remain to become played on the course, the match is over. At any provided point, when the lead is equal towards the variety of holes remaining, the match is mentioned to become “dormie”, and is continued till the leader increases the lead by one hole, thereby winning the match, or until the match ends inside a tie. When the game is tied right after the predetermined variety of holes have been played, it could be continued until one side takes a one-hole lead, and thereupon immediately wins by a single hole.
  • In stroke play, each player (or team) counts the amount of shots taken for the entire round or tournament to create the total score, and also the player together with the lowest score wins. A variant of stroke play is Stableford scoring, where a number of points (two for the target score) are given for each hole, and the fewer shots taken, the much more points obtained, so the aim is always to have as many points as you possibly can. A different variant of stroke play, the Modified Stableford approach, awards points on each and every hole in relation to par then adds the points over a round; for far more details on this process, see the write-up on The International, a tournament that utilizes Modified Stableford scoring.

There are several variations of these simple principles, some of which are explicitly described within the “Rules of Golf” and are as a result regarded “official”. “Official” types of play are, among others, foursome and four-ball games.


If a single wishes to play on a golf course, one particular has to pay a particular fee. You can find two diverse costs: the range fee, which can be for the practice range; along with the green fee, which allows play on the golf course itself. The green fee might differ from the equivalent of a few U.S. dollars for communal courses in many countries, up to that of many hundred dollars for elite clubs. Discounts on costs could be supplied for players starting their round late inside the day. When the course has golf carts, there may also be a fee to use them, even when a member of your group is just not actively playing. This fee is usually combined with all the green fee.

Team play

A foursome (defined in Rule 29) is played amongst two teams of two players each, in which every team has only a single ball and players alternate playing it. As an example, if players A and B form a team, A tees off on the first hole, B will play the second shot, A the third, and so on till the hole is finished. On the second hole, B will tee off (regardless who played the last putt on the first hole), then A plays the second shot, and so on. Foursomes is often played as match play or stroke play.

A four-ball (Rules 30 and 31) can also be played between two teams of two players every single, but just about every player plays his own ball and for each group, the lower score on each and every hole is counted. Four-balls can be played as match play or stroke play.

You will find also well-known unofficial variations on team play. Within a scramble, or ambrose (also known as a greatest ball tournament), each player within a group tees off on each and every hole, plus the players decide which shot was very best, Every player then plays his second shot from where the very best ball has come to rest, and also the process is repeated until the hole is finished.

Within a greensome both players tee off, and after that choose the best shot as inside a scramble. The player who didn’t shoot the top 1st shot plays the second shot. The play then alternates as inside a foursome.

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