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Ireland Translation Style Guide


Full name: Ireland. Ireland is the full name laid down in the Irish Constitution; Éire (the name in Irish) and Republic of Ireland/Irish Republic are incorrect in English.

Official languages: English and Irish. Note that Irish became an EU official language on 1 January 2007, but there is a derogation (reviewable on a five-yearly basis) limiting what must be translated into Irish. Irish should not be referred to as ‘Gaelic’; the terms are not synonymous because Gaelic can also mean Scots Gaelic.


The term ‘Britain and Ireland’, rather than ‘the British Isles’, is used in the geographical sense of Britain, Ireland and the surrounding islands. ‘The island of Ireland’ is very widely used to refer to the whole of Ireland as opposed to the state of Ireland.


Use the English names of cities and towns, except for those in an Irish-speaking area (Gaeltacht). A full list of English and Irish names can be found in Wikipedia under Place names in Ireland.


  • Border, Midlands and Western
  • Southern and Eastern

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