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Literary translation

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Literary translationThis type of translation is for novels, poems and other literary genres.

Literary translation request stylistic skills, a good imagination and cultural knowledge areas. It is to reproduce the full effect of the original text in the reader in the target language, as well as the meaning of words. The translation must be as pleasant to read, and evoke the same emotions as the original, following the adage of Cervantes “put nothing, leave nothing.” Great translators, regardless of the language, have a very demanding training, and academic literary studies in the language in which they reflect – and many literary translators in several languages – but especially in their mother tongue, into which they translate.

In poetry, translation offers a double challenge whether to report both the meaning and the metric (the form in general). If we limit for the meaning (semantics), a haiku exercise translation, after passing through several languages and finally return to the original language, it demonstrated a fairly robust semantic content.

Translated and adapted from Wikipedia under GNU Free Documentation License.

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