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Translating technical texts

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Within the labor market, there are two types of translation: the translation of technical texts and literary translation. Most professional translators translate technical texts. Literary translators are attached to a publisher or self-employed entrepreneurs.

Technical translation is for documents such as manuals, instruction sheets, internal memorandum, minutes, financial reports, and other documents for a limited audience (who is directly affected by the document) and whose useful life is often limited.

For example, a user guide for a particular model of refrigerator is useful only to the owner of the refrigerator, and will remain useful as this model of refrigerator exists. Similarly, the software documentation is generally concerned to a particular software, with applications for a specific class of users.

Translating technical texts often requires specialized knowledge in a particular area. Examples of technical texts:

  • Technical documents (computer, electronic, mechanical, etc.).
  • Scientific texts (astronomy, medicine, geology, etc.).
  • Financial or administrative texts. Administrative translation is particularly developed after the Second World War.

Technical translation is a type of translation often “anonymous”, in which the name of the translator may not be associated with the translated document, as some companies do not mention the authors of manuals of products. However, in the case of the translation of books with informative content, the translator will be mentioned in section of primary responsibility of the bibliographic item in the book.

Usually, technical translation is more accessible and brings a higher salary than literary translation. Literary translationis done before anything with love of language and of the original text, or desire to know all the intricacies of a wonderful text written in a foreign language.

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