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Microblogging websites are services, which enable their users to post small text messages that will update their personal profile and will also be delivered to their list of friends. Microblogging became extremely popular due to twitter, however other microblogging sites exist as well with similar functionalities. Twitter currently has approximately 310 million users and growing. After its extreme popularity and due to its flexibility and integration in several platforms (mobile phones, desktop apps, email alerts etc.) marketing experts invented a new tool for fast and targeted advertising. The statistics provided from pearAnalytis study reveal that almost 44% of the posts are spam and pointless, about 6% are personal or product advertising, while 3.6% are news and 37.6% are conversational posts.

However, there are many other microblogging services available. Tumblr provides similar functionalities, however more focus on the design and styling is given. A more fl exible microblogging solution is posterous that provides a unique way to post small messages to various destinations. Posterous enables a user to connect his/her social networking accounts to the posterous platform and to deliver the posts also to other social networking sites or email addresses of choice. One very powerful feature that is relatively new for microblogging as well as for the social networking platforms is the ability for the user to post a message only to a selected group of friends or other recipients and not necessarily for the whole list of friends. A new mobile service that extends this feature and works on the boundaries of microblogging is GroupMe. Users of GroupMe compile groups of their contacts and use a new unique tele-phone number to reach the group.

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