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Privacy on the Internet


As the protocols used for e-mail, HTTP uses broadcast of its messages clearly, making it vulnerable to even novices attackers. A simple solution to ensure the privacy of navigation is using an extension protocol called HTTP Secure or HTTPS. Addresses using this safe protocol for communication can be distinguished easily because they begin with https:// instead of http://.

How HTTPS is more complicated and a major consumer of computing resources, its use is generally limited to the pages where the need for confidentiality is large enough, for example, pages that collect personal information or the management of bank accounts . Also, it is not up to the user to use HTTPS, but the availability of this option on the server to which the user is connected; HTTPS service involves purchasing an SSL digital certificate and its implementation as a service to the service port on the server.

Browsers are controlled entirely by the user and a person who wants to erase the marks on your own PC can do quite easily if it has knowledge.

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