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International Federation of Translators

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The International Federation of Translators (FIT) is a worldwide organization, composed of the national translation organizations from over 60 countries. It represents over 100,000 translators worldwide.

FIT has earned the status of an official UNESCO consultative agency (NGO Category A).

The acronym FIT comes from the French-language version of the organization’s name: Fédération internationale des traducteurs.


Amongst other things, FIT aims to:

  • promote interaction and co-operation between translation associations
  • sponsor and facilitate the formation of translation associations in countries where they do not already exist
  • establish links with other organisations devoted to translation
  • inform and advise member organisations
  • promote training and research
  • promote harmonized professional standards
  • uphold the moral and material interests of translators world-wide
  • advocate and advance the recognition of the translation profession
  • enhance translators’ status in society
  • promote the knowledge and appreciation of translation as both a science and an art.


  • FIT website

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