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Pixel script

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pixel-splatterPixel Script or Million Pixel Script is a pc script that automates the operating of pixel marketing websites. This script runs on a internet server capable of operating scripting languages like PHP.
 The idea of pixel marketing was conceived by Alex Tew at Million Dollar Homepage. Because then, pixel marketing websites appeared in numerous locations. A pixel marketing internet website consists of pixels which are sold individually to advertisers. The amount of pixels is generally 1 million, even though you will find now numerous websites which have doubled or halved that quantity.
 When you will find only a couple of advertisers, management of pixel marketing websites may be carried out manually. Nevertheless, because the internet website continues to develop, managing these pixels becomes a burden to its webmaster.
 In response, scripts are created to automate the management of this million pixel marketing websites. These scripts produce dynamic content material from the internet website because the marketing information is pulled from a database that consists of the subscriber of that internet website. A easy Web search on pixel script, million pixel script or million dollar pixel script will reveal websites that provide this item.

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