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The first official plugin developed by Google for WordPress

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Neither Google could not bypass the current trend in the use of the WordPress platform by over 60 million people. Moreover, by its specificity, addressing primarily to the publishers to facilitate publication of advertising through AdSense, Google seems concerned about the pace of development of the largest ad network platform on the Internet.

With this launch, Google is primarily addressed to the developers, the application being in beta version. With this plugin you can access the main Google services as publisher:

  • Google AdSense program, where Google advertise on the Internet on websites of those who enroll in this program
  • Google Webmaster Tools, for improving websites and promoting them in the Google search engine searches.

Installing and activating the plugin can be done as usually. The plugin helps to create a connection between the WordPress website and Google services.

While most people are excited about this plugin, personally I believe that for the moment is not worth to be used except the newbies, due to its limitation in flexibility and amount of information provided by direct contact with Google services. But since it’s Google, we should expect more in the near future.

You can download the Google Publisher Plugin plugin here.

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