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WinFixer Technical Information

WinFixer is closely related to Aurora Network’s Nail.exe hijacker/spyware program. In worst case scenarios, it may embed itself in Internet Explorer and become part of the program, thus being nearly impossible to remove. The program is also closely related to the Vundo and Virtumonde viruses. [3] – Note: The database entry for the Virtumonde trojan and WinFixer itself are down as of late February 2006), however, a great number of forum members on on-line technical support forums and blogs believe that WinFixer is associated with the Vundo trojan.

Program Name

Although purely speculative, it seems fairly obvious that the name WinFixer is derived from the old Microsoft Windows abbreviation “Win” joined with the word fixer, thus implying Win(dows) Fixer. Because of the name association with the operating system, a hypothetical situation could occur in which a user may possibly think that they are downloading a Windows related program, when, in fact, they are not.

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