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Ajax programming

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Ajax10The Ajax IT architecture (acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is used to build Web applications and interactive dynamic websites on the client by using different technologies added to web browsers.

Ajax combines JavaScript, CSS, JSON, XML, DOM and XMLHttpRequest to improve maneuverability and ease of use of rich internet applications (RIA):

  • DOM and JavaScript allow the modification of the information in the browser respecting its structure;

  • XMLHttpRequest object is used for asynchronous dialogue with the web server;

  • XML structure information transmitted between the Web server and browser.

In addition to the XML data exchange between the client and server may use other formats such as JSON.

Ajax applications run on all common web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

The principle

In a Web application, the classical method of dialogue between a browser and a server is as follows: at each manipulation made by the user, the browser sends a request containing a reference to a Web page and the Web server performs calculations and sends the result as a Web page to the browser. It will then display the page has just received. Each manipulation results in the transmission and display of a new page. The user must wait for the response to perform other manipulations.

Using Ajax, the dialogue between the browser and server takes place mostly as follows: a program written in JavaScript programming language, embedded in a web page, is executed by the browser. It sends, in the background, requests to the Web server, and then modifies the contents of the page currently displayed by the Web browser based on the result received from the server, thus avoiding the transmission and display of a complete new page.

The conventional method uses dialog mechanisms specific to the World Wide Web, which are incorporated in all browsers and crawlers, and does not require programming. Instead, the operation of Ajax requires JavaScript programming in the exchanges between the browser and the Web server. It also requires to program the needed changes in the Web page to receive responses, otherwise the dialogues are unknown to the user.

In Ajax, as the name suggests, requests are made asynchronously: the Web browser continues to run the JavaScript program while demand is gone, he does not expect the response sent by the web server and the user can continue to perform manipulations during this time.

Used technologies

Ajax method is to use jointly several open and standardized technologies available on most browsers on the market.

  • JavaScript is a programming language built into browsers. Programs written in this language are executed by the browser. It is used in particular to operate DOM and XMLHttpRequest. This is the Ajax keystone.
  • HTML and CSS for presentation. CSS (short for Cascading Style Sheets) is a data format used to create style sheets attached to web pages. It is used in Web applications to separate the (changing ) content of web pages of their presentation, which is constant. It allows savings communications between the server and the web browser and use of a graphic.
  • DOM (acronym for “Document Object Model“) for dynamic display and interaction with data. It’s a collection of objects where each object represents a structural or visual element of a web page or a XML document. It is used from an object oriented programming language such as JavaScript to inspect and modify the content of Web pages.
  • XMLHttpRequest is a programming object, used in JavaScript programs to ensure communication between the browser and a Web server. It is used for asynchronous communication: send requests to the server and initiate operations at the reception of it answers.
  • XML (abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language, and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation acronym) is a data format inspired by the syntax of JavaScript. They are used to structure the information sent by the web server. XML is accompanied by XSLT for its manipulation.

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