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How does marketing create customer loyalty?

Ann has a small restaurant in her hometown. She knows that people who live in the city sometimes dine out to try different international cuisines. Its town is in a popular tourist area, so there are also many visitors who come to the town on vacation. Ann has decided that her restaurant will specialize in Thai cuisine because there are no Thai restaurants in the area and she thinks Thai food is popular with locals and tourists. To create a particular position for her restaurant, Ann will work with the seven “Ps” as follows:

Let’s analyze Ann’s restaurant example above. Working backwards from the result, we will see how Ann creates customer loyalty through marketing:

  1. Customers review and recommend the resaurant.
    • Reason: Its unique Thai style. The food is delicious and the service is good.
  2. Why does the restaurant have such a unique image?
    • Because Thai style is unrooted in all the seven “Ps”.
  3. Why is Ann consistent with all seven “P s”?
    • Make sure she is very clear about the image she wants to project to her clients. She wants the Thai restaurant in town. She designed each element of the seven “P s” to project this image.

Ann went through the marketing process to achieve such a result. The process includes key steps that are used to retain customers.

  1. Your Product Positioning – Decide what you want customers to think about your product.
  2. Identify the Marketing Mix – Implement the seven “Ps” so that each of them contributes to the objective of consistently achieving the market positioning you want.
  3. Achieving the goal of making your customers loyal – They come back often and recommend your business to others.

The remainder of this manual will cover these steps in detail. Step 1 is covered in Part II. Stage 2 includes the seven “P s” and each of the seven “P s” is covered from Part III to Part IX.

Source: Bureau international du Travail, Gérez mieux votre entreprise, 2015. License CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO. Translation and adaptation by Nicolae Sfetcu. This translation was not created by the International Labor Office (ILO) and should not be considered an official ILO translation. The ILO is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this translation.

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